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Engineered with the help of some of the world’s brightest  minds in kinesiology, bio-mechanics and physiology the Swing Jacket automatically trains your body to memorize a simple, powerful, easy-to-repeat swing.  A swing patterned after the swings of some of the best ball strikers of all time.

So, regardless of your age, experience, handicap, strength or flexibility you’ll gain distance, accuracy and consistency when you have .

30 – 50 Yards on every tee shot

Rotation is the engine that develops POWER (distance) in your golf swing.  The Swing Jacket keeps your swing connected so develop more rotational power.  When everything works together you harness the power of your core for more distance than you thought possible.

No more slapping at it with your hands and arms.  No more weak fades.

2x – 3x Greater Accuracy

Rotation will also produce centrifugal force PROVIDED your swing is on the optimal swing plane. The Swing Jacket  keeps your swing on-plane from takeaway to finish without you having to think about it.  Centrifugal energy forces your club to release at impact squaring your club face for straighter, more accurate shots.

No more trying to steer your shots toward your target.  Now it happens effortlessly, automatically.

Unimaginable Consistency

A simple swing is easier to repeat consistently. The Swing Jacket not only guides you through a simple, easy-to-repeat swing it imposes a level of consistency in each swing that you simply can’t achieve any other way.

Your confidence soars as you find yourself consistently hitting  the best shots of your life.  Your body responds by locking that motion deeper and deeper into muscle memory each time you use your Swing Jacket.  Your game continues to improve.




Transform Your Game In Minutes

The quality of your swing and how consistently you repeat it will always dictate how well you play.  Now it’s easy to play the best golf of your life.The Swing Jacket trains your body to memorize a simple, elegant, easy-to-repeat swing.  It makes it easy to take your game to a whole new level because:

  • No more thinking about how you’re ‘supposed’ to swing;
  • No more wondering if you’re doing it right;
  • No more time or money wasted on trial and error sessions that haven’t worked .

FEEL ‘IT’ [ FEEL the positions and sequences of a powerful, accurate, easy-to-repeat swing with every swing you take.]

REPEAT ‘IT’ [The Swing Jacket imposes the consistency on each shot that builds muscle memory quickly and effortlessly.]

OWN ‘IT’ [Your confidence will soar as the Swing Jacket lets you experience the feel of hitting it long and straight shot after shot.



Your Optimal Swing

We spent 2.5 years working with the world renowned Human Performance Laboratory studying the swings of the best ball strikers of all time.  Turns out each of them share two core swing fundamentals that are key to the consistency, accuracy and distance they’re renowned for.

How can we say its the right swing for you?  {

The optimal bio-mechanical swing motion [ 52 prototypes were tested on a small army of 173 testers of every shape, size, age, experience etc. ]

Great Value Over The Long Term

you’ll come back to it any time you start to feel your not playing your best. A few swings in the SJ will trigger that mm and get you back on track in minutes.  As you aspire to play even better  is year after year

the optimal bio-mechanical swing that’s right for you and your body.

2.5 Years of R&D, 52 Prototypes

You Can’t Mess This Up / Can’t Make A Bad Swing

Engineered To Fix Every Swing Flaw  [Swing flaws ]

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If your still not convinced, Take a look at our full length TV Program that appreared on the Golf Channel. You will be amazed with the results these golfers experienced quickly and automatically using the Swing Jacket. If you have additional questions, call our Swing Jacket Experts at: 1-877-219-6124Hosted by our Training Director:
Dave Bisbee