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How can YOU memorize a great golf swing?  A swing that consistently delivers the long, accurate shots that feel so amazing and WOW the people you’re playing with?  Simple!   Repeat THAT swing — shot after shot — to lock it into muscle memory.

But therein lies every golfer’s biggest challenge.  If you could consistently repeat a perfect swing you’d do it in a second.  Right?

Well, now it’s actually easy to consistently repeat a powerful, accurate swing.  The Swing Jacket physically guides you through each swing – perfectly. So now instead of thinking about what you’re ‘supposed’ to do during the swing you’ll actually FEEL it while you hit full shots with any club in your bag.

What’s Having A Better Swing Mean to YOU? 

30 – 50 Yards on every tee shot

Rotation is the engine that generates POWER (distance) in your swing.  By keeping your arms connected to, and moving in sync with, the rotation of your torso the Swing Jacket trains you to harness the power of your core for more distance than you thought possible.

No more slapping at the ball with your hands and arms.  No more weak tee shots. 

2x – 3x Greater Accuracy

Rotation on-plane produces the centrifugal force that causes your club to release naturally at impact.  The Swing Jacket keeps your swing on-plane from takeaway to finish so you produce the centrifugal energy that squares your club face for straighter, more accurate shots. Without you having to think about it.

No more trying to steer your shots toward your target.  Now it happens effortlessly, automatically.

Unimaginable Consistency

The Swing Jacket imposes the consistency needed to lock your powerful, accurate new swing into muscle memory quickly.  You simply can’t achieve quality rep’s like this any other way.

Your confidence soars as you hit  it longer and more accurately than ever, shot after shot.  And each time you use your Swing Jacket you groove that great swing deeper and deeper into muscle memory. Your game continues to improve.




Golfers with great swings are so lucky.   They hit it longer, more accurately and quality of your swing and how consistently you repeat it will always dictate how well you play. Right?

And the swing your body has memorized will be the swing that shows up on the course.  So why not consistently practice the swing you dream about having.  A swing that always delivers, even under the most intense pressure.  A swing that you know is going to lead to lower and lower scores.

The Swing Jacket trains your body to memorize a simple, elegant, easy-to-repeat swing.  So it makes it easy to take your game to a whole new level because:

FEEL ‘IT’ [ Until you FEEL the swing you’re trying to memorize you’re never going to ‘Get It’ .  The Swing Jacket lets you feel it shot after shot]

REPEAT ‘IT’ [The more consistently you repeat your new swing the faster your muscles memorize it.  The Swing Jacket imposes the consistency you’ve been lookint for]

OWN ‘IT’ [Your confidence soars as you suddenly find you’re hitting everything long and straight without having to think about your mechanics]



The Secret To Playing Your Best Golf Ever

After raising $2.8 Million we embarked on the most comprehensive research and development project ever undertaken in the golf industry — on the golf swing and how golfers ingrain the correct motion into muscle memory.

We spent 2.5 years working with some of the brightest minds in kinesiology, bio-mechanics and physiology at the world renowned Human Performance Laboratory.  We studied the swings of the best ball strikers of all time to understand the fundamentals YOU need for success.

Turns out each of them share two core swing fundamentals that are key to the consistency, accuracy and distance they’re renowned for.  Fundamentals the HPL concluded define the optimal bio-mechanical swing motion.

What does that mean to you?  It means that regardless of your age, sex, athleticism, strength or flexibility your optimal bio-mechanical swing (your most efficient & effective motion) MUST be built on the same fundamentals.

Sure you can play decent golf without a great swing but to truly play to your full potential you need to make these fundamentals the foundation of your game.

The Swing Jacket is designed to automatically train your body to memorize a swing based on those fundamental bu allowing you to actually experience them every swing you take.  Fundamentals that are going to literally transform your game.

Is it the right swing for you?  We assembled a small army of 173 golfers to help evaluate prototype designs. We recruited rank amateurs  to PGA Tour Pros,  every shape, size, age, experience and physical fitness level.  We insisted the Swing Jacket be capable of transforming the games of every golfer.

52 prototypes were tested before we knew we’d nailed the engineering.  How did we know?  Every one of our testers added distance, accuracy and, most importantly,  consistency within a few swings using our final design.  A design top-ranked PGA teachers have called “The Ultimate Swing Teacher”.

Not just full shots

Great Value Over The Long Term

you’ll come back to it any time you start to feel your not playing your best. A few swings in the SJ will trigger that mm and get you back on track in minutes.  As you aspire to play even better  is year after year

the optimal bio-mechanical swing that’s right for you and your body.

2.5 Years of R&D, 52 Prototypes

You Can’t Mess This Up / Can’t Make A Bad Swing

Engineered To Fix Every Swing Flaw  [Swing flaws ]


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If your still not convinced, Take a look at our full length TV Program that appreared on the Golf Channel. You will be amazed with the results these golfers experienced quickly and automatically using the Swing Jacket. If you have additional questions, call our Swing Jacket Experts at: 1-877-219-6124Hosted by our Training Director:
Dave Bisbee

Now for less than the price of a driver, you can dramatically improve your game, we guarantee it!

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